Why did we pick the name "Flywheel"?

As you accelerate down a freeway on ramp, there is a critical component under the hood of your car that is doing something simple yet critical. That component is your engine’s flywheel, a large gear that bolts to the front of your engine just above the crankshaft – your vehicle’s power source.

This gear exists for just one reason – to store momentum (or “rotational energy” according to Wikipedia).

Flywheels aren’t new, they’ve been a critical component of engines since the dawn of motors. Here’s what they looked like in 1802:

Trevithick’s 1802 Steam Locomotive Flywheel (Source: Wikipedia)

Old flywheels were big, unwieldy, and inefficient. Today’s modern flywheels are compact and power innovation:

BMW M5 Engine – the flywheel is at the front/center of the motor.
(Source: SeriousWheels.com)

Formula 1 Racing “Kinetic Energy Recovery System” flywheel system.
(Source: Wikipedia)

Flywheel came to business through “Good to Great”, a book we follow and principles we implement. In Good to Great Collins zeros in on the Flywheel Effect’s impact on great organizations:

The good-to-great companies understood a simple truth: tremendous power exists in the fact of continued improvement and the delivery of results.

Jim Collins

We chose the name Flywheel for our project because it fit what we do perfectly – we help Manufacturers and Distributors capture the energy the invest each day in their customer base and turn it into momentum they can use to grow using software. Software allows businesses to do more with less – it’s been that way since the first room-size computers started it all.


Today’s software runs on the cloud (e.g. no hardware to buy/maintain) and is accessible on almost any modern smartphone/tablet.

We went to the market, curated the best tools, then built a highly taylored solution that meets the needs of Manufacturers and Distributors. We will never be done with our quest to built the best toolbox for our customers – we are relentless in the pursuit of the best. As the tools we use evolve, so will our products. We are excited that you’ve found us, and we look foward to continuing the conversation.

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