Trade show season is upon us. However, Trade shows can be a grind – after a long day at the show making connections, do you dread the evenings making sure you catalog business cards and begin follow up?

However, Trade Shows can be a grind – after a long day of making connections, do you dread an evening of data entry? We’ve all spent too much time cataloging business cards and copy-pasting email content.
However, Trade Shows can be a grind – after a long day of making connections do you dread an evening of cataloging business cards and typing email introductions?

You aren’t alone. Over 75% of leads found at trade shows never receive more than one follow-up communication. Unfortunately, the average lead needs many messages before they act. That’s a lot of opportunity to leave on the table after such a big financial and time investment.

There is finally a better way. Flywheel Marketing allows you collect leads via a tablet app, or by simply taking photos of business cards. Then we handle personalized communication automatically – Flywheel can drip out a series of emails with value-added info on your product. If someone opens your email or goes to your site, we can automatically schedule follow-up by an individual salesperson.

Is setting all this up a lot of work? Hardly – we can take you from having(?) no plan to an automated one quickly. We have trade show templates that provide web forms, contact segments, and email templates– we only need to drop in your product messaging and style. Our app is also turn-key – Flywheel’s “managed” option puts you in the driver’s seat while we handle the setup and maintenance.

Our team can automate trade show follow-up in just a week or two – in time for the next trade show this spring.

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