Small sales force?

No problem.

Here’s a message from our CEO on how we help small sales teams:

Connect with Hot Prospects & Engaged Customers

Start engaging with prospects and customers who are ready to talk using smart (cost effective) digital technology. Our smart monitoring tech watches engagement and notifies your team to take action at the right.

Give your team insight on how prospects & customers are interacting with you through email, your website, and social media.

Personalized Automation

Take manual work out of your marketing and sales process using insightful, personalized automation tools to take people from prospect to customer.

Tap into the experience of our automation experts and with insights, turn targets into interested prospects.

Use personalized, tailored communication instead of broadcast marketing to reach customers.

No Hiring Required

Our cost-effective managed services means you don’t have to hire or take away from what your team is already doing to take advantage of Flywheel. We track engagement and ultimate sales to measure and improve your program.

We are 100% focused on helping manufacturers grow. We track industry trends, best practices, and key metrics and help you improve your business.


Our budget-focused delivery model puts you in control of cost and value, allowing you to change your marketing/sales outreach plan and cost on the fly.

Flywheel grows with you, and can rapidly scale up your marketing & sales plan as you grow.


Does Flywheel work?

Find out how Flywheel customer RMS Roller-Grinder saved $100k/year after adding Flywheel.

Ready to see more?

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