Flywheel Launch

Refined Process




Product Installation

Flywheel Launch provide the critical starting point to get moving quickly on Flywheel products. Without Launch, you’ll be left trying to figure out the process on your own – not something anyone should do. Flywheel Launch is required for all product purchases.

Review this package in detail to ensure you have the necessary resources to implement Flywheel successfully.

  1. System Provisioning: Flywheel will provision cloud instance and provide access to Administrators.
  2. Integration Setup: Flywheel will provide documentation on data mapping and copies of ERP integration software to be configured by your IT personnel.
  3. Administrator Training: Flywheel will provide application training for administrators/power users on the overall system, and will provide general guidance for customizing the system.
  4. Power User Testing: Your IT team pushes test data into the product for power users to review. Any final configuration changes are made. This step is also known as “User Acceptance Testing” (UAT).
  5. Go-Live & User Training: During this final step users log into the system, configure addon apps (such as Outlook/Mobile), and learn how to use the system.
  6. Post Installation Support: Flywheel is available to assist with ongoing management of the system per our Technical Support section below.


The installation process typically takes between 60 and 90 days to complete, but may take more or less time depending on staff availability on both your technical team and Flywheel’s available production schedule. We will work together to manage the initial project timeline and any changes that occur due to unforeseen challenges (such as technical hurdles, PTO/sickness, etc).

In this step products are installed:

  • Flywheel Base App – This includes installing the application you’ll be using.
  • ERP Connector – Flywheel will provide two (2) SQL Server Information Service (SSIS) packages for installation on your internal SQL servers.
    • ERP Data Mapping– This package provides data mapping to the CRM field set. You are be responsible for loading and mapping ERP data into the package and formatting/filtering your data so it is consumable by the package.
    • CRM Data Load Package & Database – This package loads data into the CRM, and is pre-mapped to Flywheel.

Flywheel provides these packages to you in an editable format. You are responsible for:

  • Extracting data from your ERP in CSV or a SQL Server “View”.
  • Formatting data to match our ERP Mapping template.
  • Mapping fields to the template.
  • Testing/QA on these mapping and data accuracy validation.

The number one reason why software implementations fail is the lack of user adoption and use caused by inadequate training.  DataSync can provide training for application administrators, management, and user groups as part of the deployment process and strongly recommends a formal training plan.  Training typically does not include the preparation of customized training guides adapted for changes made to the software.  These can be provided as an additional change, which will increase the time and cost required to complete the project.

DataSync includes the following training with the Manufacturing for Sugar product through online web conference sessions:

  • End User Training: 1 ½ hours
  • Sugar Admin Training: 1 ½ hours
  • PowerBI Admin Training: 1 ½ hours

We provide the following documents as a part of our onramping:

  • User Guide
  • Administrator Modifications Best Practices

Any items not listed below are not included in Flywheel Launch. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Additional work or changes required by versions or changes made by software vendors.
  • The purchase and installation of any third-party plugins not listed specifically above.
  • Database Design, Data Cleansing, Data Input, and Data Conversions or Migrations.
  • Integrations with systems other than as described above