Flywheel Solutions
Flywheel’s expert team is available for consulting & technical implementation projects that customize Flywheel to your unique needs. While Flywheel adds value out of the box, the platform is highly adaptable to address your key business problems. We have experience helping manufacturers, distributors, and dealers drive positive business outcomes in marketing, sales, and service.

Expert Advice

Work 1:1 with outcome-driven experts who know the business.

Change Management

Knowledge and content for assisting you with driving change in the organization.

Refined Process

Agile-driven process to deliver value early & often.

Measured Success

We measure our progress along the way to ensure we get to done successfully.


Flywheel Solutions are delivered on the Agile framework, which is similar to Lean Manufacturing. Here’s the framework:

  • Joint Team Based – Focused group of people from your team and ours that cover both business and technical roles to solve problems together.
  • Use Case Focused – We listen to what your team needs most, and we translate that into stories our software developers build from.
  • Daily or Weekly Meetings (depending on the project size/duration) – We believe that constant communication is the key to strong delivery.
  • Incremental Development – Frequent release of software for you to review and incorporate into your operation.


Flywheel Premier Services are delivered as a monthly-based service, billed at hourly rates. We assess each project on a monthly basis with updates against budget.

Our delivery goals:

  • Business outcome driven – We strive to deliver strong business outcomes for you and depend on your team to provide insight into key metrics to move.
  • Candid – We work to get to the heart of every issue we encounter, and give you candid outside feedback on your business.
  • Constructive – We offer suggestions on how to improve your operation using the tools at our disposal.

More than 250 Successful Implementation Projects

The Flywheel team has a hands-on approach to making sure you get the most value out of their products and helped our team in a meaningful way.

Jason Haug

IT Manager, Sioux Steel Company


Positive Project Outcomes

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Delivering a successful project requires solid teamwork and strong communication.