We’ve been getting a lot of demo requests for our brand spanking new mobile app, but we’ve been keeping it under wraps.

Until now. Here’s a sneak peek at the brand new Flywheel Mobile:

Here are some things we’ve accomplished with Flywheel Mobile:

Helpful home screen.

We’ve designed a clean home screen that gives you access to notifications, a quick list of customers/leads, and a sales map. No more clicking a bunch of times to get the obvious things.

Push notifications.

In the past, if you were mobile it was tough to keep track of what you need to do to make a difference each day. Flywheel Mobile uses push notifications to let you know when you need to call a customer. No more digging through the CRM to figure it out.

Fast access to customer dashboards.

We added a direct link to the customer health dashboard. With one tap you can see activity history, sales forecasting information, and prior order history from your phone or tablet.

Flywheel Mobile has the ability to show dashboard charts full screen and do some filtering on the fly.

Automated call logging.

Yep, that’s right, we are killing call logging drudgery.

On our Android app, both incoming and outgoing calls get automatically logged against CRM contacts (it won’t copy personal calls into CRM, unless you enter your Grandma in CRM as a contact).

In iOS, all outgoing calls launched from Flywheel are logged. Sadly Apple doesn’t allow apps to automatically log incoming calls. Boo. We’ve asked them to change their tune, we’ll keep you updated.

Can I see?

You bet. We’re giving Flywheel Mobile to beta customers, and we’d be happy to show you a demo. Drop us a line to learn more.