The RMS Roller-Grinder Story

Since adding Flywheel, each salesperson is spending an additional 30mins-1 hour per day with customers instead of on admin tasks.

Blake Sandnes

VP - Sales, RMS Roller-Grinder


The Challenge

Reduce non-selling time by 30-minutes to one hour to allow RMS to continue double-digit growth.


The Solution

Complete a process map, identify simple, effective automation, automate & streamline key processes.


Six-figure sales efficiency improvement, 30-minutes to 1 hour per day improvement in focused sales time.

The Challenge

RMS Roller-Grinder is a leading manufacturer of Roller-Grinders, Roller Mills, Cracking Mills, Grist Mills and Grain Cleaning Systems based in Tea, SD. 

RMS is growing at double-digit rates, and sustaining that rapid growth is a challenge.

RMS is committed to growing efficiently and empowering their team to deliver strong value to customers. The company is also focused on eliminating waste (or non-value added) in the process.

To accomplish their goal, RMS needed a tool to provide a central customer communication and information hub and process automation.


Key Initial Goals:


Cut wasted time by 30mins/day per person.

Speed up first interaction to order timeframe.


Eliminate data re-entry & dual entry.

Improve employee focus, morale, and productivity.

The Solution

RMS engaged Flywheel and SD Manufacturing Technology Solutions (MTS) to redefine their process and provide automation. MTS conduced a process mapping exercise in sales/marketing/service at RMS to identify process areas that could be eliminated, automated, or streamlined.

Out of this discovery process a number of “low hanging fruit” areas were identified that could be improved. Examples included:

  • Automatically importing and assigning website leads.
  • Automatically logging customer email from/to customers for easy reference.
  • Integrating accounting data into Flywheel CRM for quick access to billing information.
  • Automating notifications to RMS employees at completion stages of various sales processes.
  • Streamlining data entry and management

The Result

After the first phase of process rollout, RMS achieved the following gains:

  1. Met their goal of improving customer value added time by an average of 30 minutes to 1 hour per person per day, resulting in initial six-figure savings to the business.
  2. Improved employee morale by reducing data entry and manual process time.
  3. Improved customer satisfaction by providing more responsive sales and service using technology.

RMS follows Lean methodology via training from MTS, so a continuous improvement plan is in place to continue to roll out efficiency and process improvement using Flywheel.

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