Getting Started Guide

1. Access & Connections

When you register for our free trial, we will provide access to Flywheel within one (1) business day.

Next, our team will contact you to connect to your ERP system and map select fields into Flywheel. This process could take longer depending on your ERP system.

2. Flywheel Setup

Prior to providing access to users, it is recommended you set up the app first:

  1. Review ERP data in Flywheel
  2. Enable & assign users
  3. Enable notifications for customers/dealers
  4. Customize layouts/views (as needed)

3. User Training

A scheduled training session will be provided to users on the following topics:

  1. App installation & login. Click here for login instructions.
  2. Software overview training for mobile & web apps
  3. If applicable, Dealer lead assignment & tracking
  4. Q&A

4. Support

If at any time during your use of Flywheel you have questions or need assistance, we are available to help!

Contact support via our support portal or by calling 605-275-4100 option 2.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get up and running?
Getting started with Flywheel completely depends on you. Timeline factors include your availability and ERP data quality/connection type.

After setup, users are productive on Flywheel Mobile within minutes – receiving notifications on customer health & follow up, logging calls, finding customers/dealers/leads etc.

What technology/IT infrastructure do I need?
Flywheel runs in our secure cloud. A Windows PC or server is required to install our ERP Gateway.
What should I expect with updates to Flywheel?
Flywheel is constantly being updated for security, performance and feature improvements. These updates will automatically be published to the web app. Android/iOS apps will require automatic updating to be enabled on your phone. Release notes will be published in the app stores.
When does my free trial period begin?
Your free trial period begins when you complete registration and agree to our terms of service and privacy policy.