Should I choose Act! or Flywheel for my sales/marketing solution?

It really depends on that your needs are – if you need a “digital rolodex” of your leads, Act will work well!

However, if you’re looking for a sales/marketing platform that connects your systems and automates processes – Flywheel is a much better choice. Flywheel is also built specifically for the manufacturing industry, so manufacturing-specific concepts and features are already built into the product. 

Below is a table that compares feature areas of the two products side-by-side.




Base CRM, Leads, Contacts, Opportunities

Account Management

Email Archiving from Outlook

Auto-Archive Email from Outlook

Yes – $10 Addon

ERP/Quickbooks Integration


Dealer Management & Lead Routing

Email Marketing Automation

Text Marketing & Automation

Website Forms & Activity Tracking

Marketing activity visibility for sales

Mobile App

Manufacturing-specific layout

Lean Process Optimization App & Methodology

Per-user Cost



Base App Cost




When Act! is a good fit:

  • Basic contact management is all you need.
  • You have basic email marketing needs.
  • You manage sales processes outside of software and do not plan to automate them.
  • Paying the lowest amount for the tool most important to you.

When Flywheel is a good fit:

  • You want to optimize and streamline processes and communication between sales, marketing, and operations.
  • You’d like a sales/marketing app built for manufacturing.
  • Eliminating data re-entry time and errors is important.
  • You’d like to customize the system to your needs/processes.
  • Cost-effectively migrating your existing Act! data is important.

Does Flywheel fit my needs?

Find out by taking the Sales Efficiency Assessment to find out if Flywheel could optimize and improve your processes!