The intuitive sales toolbox for manufacturing & distribution sales teams.


Insightful & Focused

Gain insight into customer/dealer trends to help your sales team focus right actions.



Provide better tools for helping your team serve your customers well.

Flexible & Mobile

Give your sales team easy-to-use tools that work on their mobile devices.

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Product Detail

Why Flywheel Sales?

  • Robust sales forecasting and planning using historical and current and forward-looking marketing and sales information.
  • Clarity regarding customer loyalty and purchase activity, including insight on specific customers, products and other metrics.
  • Sales accountability and insight into areas for performance improvement.
  • Improved customer and fabricator engagement and measurement.

Feature Highlights

  • Manufacturing-focused CRM feature set and user experience.
  • Easy-to-use tools.
  • Included ERP integration data bus that uses familiar Microsoft integration toolsets.
  • Accessible securely anywhere on your network: desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile phone.
  • Outlook integration for easy communication tracking.
  • Drill-down reporting and business intelligence tools.
  • Easy communication tracking
  • Automated salesperson lead routing capability.
  • Opportunity management to track pipeline progression and enable forecasting
  • Mobile app for on-the go use, includes speech-to-text note-taking
  • Salesperson accountability through activity volume and trend reporting
  • Dissect past sales to look at what activities drive the best future results
  • Customer/fabricator insights on historical and future buying
  • Follow up automation to assist salespeople in maintaining contact with prospects, which leads to higher close rates

We help you make solid decisions by fully using your existing data. We simplify business intelligence by making it understandable and actionable. Dashboard charts and graphs ease the identification of macro-level connections and trends. Drill deeper by clicking on any chart element to uncover the tactical insights you need to manage your business for optimal results. Our Insights product turns your data into actionable intelligence you can use to achieve sustainable competitive advantages.

Order History & Sales Pipeline In One Place

  • Historical order volume down to the product-level SKU
  • Sales pipeline data showing marketing indicators of interest in new and existing products

Sales Effectiveness:

  • Account and team member activity
  • Sales pipeline, including product-level detail on market demand

Track Customer Health:

  • Buying trend changes
  • Product order volume changes
  • Geographic purchasing information

Flywheel Sales is built on a foundation from the following providers:

End Users

  • Recommended Web App: Chrome (auto-update)
    • Also supported (but may experience slower performance): Firefox 53/54, Internet Explorer 11, Safari 10
  • Mobile:
    • Android 6.0 or newer
    • IOS 9 or newer
  • Outlook: Outlook 2013, 2016 or 365

ERP Integration

Important note: Please review the ERP Integration Overview to ensure your IT team is prepared to do the necessary work to prepare to integrate your ERP system with Flywheel.

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