Don't just market to your customers, engage them with better marketing tools.

Connecting with your customers and dealers in a personal way is a challenge! Understanding your customer's purchasing history and plans for the future is key to building effective marketing programs. We have the connected tools to help you deliver personalized marketing messages and events to your most important audience.


Customer & Prospect Segmentation

Segment your customer & prospect lists like never before with granular targeting and list building tools.

Intuitive Digital Marketing

Easy-to-use email marketing & marketing automation toolbox that is pre-connected to your customer data.

Marketing ROI Analysis

Get real-time information on the effectiveness of marketing initiatives and events, including ROI.

Assists you with:

  • Improved customer engagement
  • Event management & communication
  • Marketing source tracking & analysis
  • Awareness, preference and loyalty

Application feature highlights:

  • Customer list segmentation
  • Email marketing that is web and mobile friendly
  • Real-time outreach and nurturing using Marketing Automation
  • Retargeting

Flywheel Marketing assists your team to be more successful by providing a streamlined marketing toolbox:

  • Easy communication tracking
  • Pull data directly from your CRM and ERP to build lists
  • Product purchasing and pipeline information to build campaigns
  • Dealer marketing
  • Marketing asset storage & delivery
  • Customer/prospect mobile friendly – easy email preview

We help you make solid decisions making by fully using your existing data. We simplify business intelligence by making it understandable and actionable. Drill deeper by clicking on any chart element to uncover the tactical insights you need to manage your business for optimal results.

Revenue Source Analysis

  • Helps you answer the key question: which campaigns generate revenue
  • Product (or Product Family) level insight on marketing effectiveness.

Marketing Campaign Effectiveness

  • Marketing Automation tool provides insight into the effectiveness of each step in the customer journey.
  • Clickthrough rates
  • Lead pipeline (including lead source)

Track Customer Health:

  • Buying trend changes
  • Product order volume changes
  • Geographic purchasing information

Flywheel Marketing is built on a foundation from the following providers:

See Flywheel Marketing in Action

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