Flywheel Insights: The most robust Business Intelligence solution for SugarCRM.


Insightful & Focused

Gain insight into your data to help your sales team focus right actions.



Embed into SugarCRM Dashboards to get collaborative intelligence on where your business is heading.


Advanced data mapping, drill down, and sort/filter capabilities.

Product Detail

Why Flywheel Insights?

  • Built on Power Bi – The leading Business Intelligence solution.
  • Flexible – Include both built-in and custom fields/modules in your Insights reports.
  • Available for Sugar On-Demand (Cloud) or On-Premise
  • No limits on number of reports you can build or run
  • Embed Insights/Power BI reports into Sugar Dashboards & Intelligence Pane.
  • Cloud-based – No middleware purchase requirements.
  • Supports both standard and custom fields in Sugar
  • Based on Power BI – Learn more about the features/functionality of Power BI here:

Flywheel Insights is built on a foundation from the following providers:

  • Requires a supported instance of Sugar 7.9 or greater, Pro or Enterprise edition, with an installed valid SSL certificate.
  • Insights for Sugar includes the base Sugar dataset, which makes all out-of-the-box modules (tables) available for reporting.
    • Fields must be added to the base dataset before reports can be built.
    • Adding additional custom modules/relationships to any dataset requires deleting and re-creating the dataset in Power BI. Any existing reports that have been built on the previous dataset will be lost during this operation.
    • However new fields can be added to existing modules and can be included in reports without re-building established reports.
  • IMPORTANT: Reporting is limited to 250,000 records per table (due to Power BI data transfer API limitations).
  • Report results are generated by Insights for Sugar are based upon the data available in Sugar tables at the time of the report generated. Change Tracking data from Sugar is not available in Insights for Sugar.
  • Data refresh frequency is controlled by the Sugar scheduler. The interval is configurable and the chosen setting will depend on the environment and number of records. In most cases a 15 to 60-minute refresh frequency is possible
  • An understanding of the Sugar data relationship structure is required for set-up. Details on dataset setup can be found in the DataSync Product Installation and User Guide.

See Flywheel Sales in Action

Want to see Flywheel for Sales in action? Schedule a demo with one of our experts to see a live view of how it all works.

Flywheel Insights Plans and Pricing

Flywheel Sales is a cloud-based subscription product that is provided on a yearly (or multi-year) basis. Call for discounts for large number of seats.

  • Subscription to SugarCRM Pro or Enterprise required for Flywheel Insights.
  • Flywheel Insights Onboarding required for purchase of Insights. This includes a $2500 one-time charge for installation/training.

Need more info?

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