What's New in Flywheel

Flywheel 3.0 - October 2018

Visual Account List View

Tired of the same bland lists?

So are we.

That’s why we added color to the Account list view to see customer health and when your last contact was.


We added the ability to “Follow” Accounts & Leads in Flywheel with a simple button! Following an Account will get you:

  • Push notifications on Flywheel Mobile on health, no activity, quotes expiring etc.
  • Outlook syncing – Contacts on the Account will sync automatically to Outlook (for Outlook Connector users)
  • Include in your Account/Lead list on Flywheel Mobile

We also added the ability to mass-follow Accounts for you or someone else. Followers can be used in Workflow and Reports.

Mobile Dealer Lead Collaboration

Managing leads from your phone was a start. We’ve now added the ability to assign Leads to Dealers & Dealer Reps right from your phone, something that is super helpful for mobile sales road warriors.

Year-To-Year Sales

At a customer/dealer level, visually see how monthly sales are trending this year vs. last year.

It can be helpful to see seasonality and trends visually – something that’s hard to see in raw numbers.

Improved Search Layout

No more scrolling to find Accounts, Contacts & Leads. We improved the Web search screen to make it easier to quickly find what you are looking for.

Improved Filters

Spend less time looking for the fields you want to filter on with our new Filter layout.

In addition, we made the “Search” button sticky – no more scrolling for it.

Webforms & Lead Auto-Assignment

Flywheel 3.0 gives you the ability to auto-route leads from your website to internal and dealer reps.

Our robust workflow engine gives you control of how/when leads are distributed.

Quickbooks Connector

Flywheel now includes a Quickbooks connector that gets you up and running on Flywheel in just a few days!