Get rid of waste with Flywheel.

Flywheel delivers tools and automation to help companies relationships with their customers/dealers using automation.

Flywheel Components

Mobile App

Flywheel helps busy salespeople do more with push notifications & automatic activity logging.

Web App

Our CRM web app puts you in the driver’s seat to automate & streamline.

ERP/Accounting Connector

We connect your ERP data securely to the Flywheel cloud.
ERP Connector Info
We take care of connecting to your ERP data so you don’t have to. Our ERP connector includes:

  • Daily copy of select ERP data your ERP data to Flywheel.
  • Installable package for your server with secure connection to the Flywheel cloud.
  • Connection to account, contact, order, and quote data for crunching by Flywheel.
  • Monitoring by the Flywheel team to make sure your data is updating.

We connect to many ERP systems:

And many more!


Why choose Flywheel!


Guides taking the right action.

Flywheel Sales watches customer/dealer buying trends & activity levels and notifies you when it’s time to take action.

Saves time, improves speed.

Flywheel acts as your helpful automated sales assistant.

It automatically tracks activities, notifies you of progress, and reminds you to follow up so you can focus on building key relationships.

Built for Manufacturers & Agribusiness.

Flywheel Sales is built to meet the unique needs of manufacturers. The days of complex CRM bloatware are over.

Can Flywheel help me get more efficient?

Spend 15 minutes doing our Sales Efficiency Assessment and get a personalized report with our findings.

Drive Sales Growth

Account health tracking
Flywheel notifies you right away if a customer or dealer’s buying behavior changes, prompts you to take action before it’s too late.
Account planning & goals
Set goals for key customers or dealers, track purchasing against plan.
Product cross & upsell
Visual product purchasing dashboard information & product category info at a glance.
Tailored marketing
Create tailored marketing messages to your prospects, customers & dealers using the data Flywheel collects.

Improve Follow Up

Automatic activity logging
End manual customer activity entry drudgery. Flywheel automatically logs Calls, SMS (texts), and Emails to and from customers & dealers.*
Voice-to-text notes
No more typing out call notes. With the tap of a button, Flywheel transcribes your voice into call or meeting notes.
No activity reminders
Receive push notifications when you haven’t followed up with a lead or account recently. Follow up with a Call, Email or Meeting with one tap.
Expiring quote notifications
Never again forget to contact a customer or prospect before a quote expires.

Boost Dealer Performance

Collaborate with dealer reps
Give your dealers limited mobile access to Flywheel to collaborate with your team on leads, get reminders to take action.
Track lead outcomes
One-touch closed win/loss capture on leads you assign to dealers.
Automated lead distribution
Our rules-based engine can distribute leads automatically to dealers based on geo, product line, or other logic.
Dealer effectiveness reporting
Get reports on follow up promptness, close rate, inbound vs. outbound leads etc.

See Flywheel in Action!

Schedule a 1:1 demo with one of our experts to see the product and discuss how it could help your team.


Flywheel is an affordable monthly service.

Why Flywheel?

  • Lean CRM built for Manufacturers
  • Month-to-month commitment
  • Launch in days instead of months
  • Salespeople are productive within 15-minutes on Flywheel Mobile

Technical Information

Flywheel is a cloud app that connects to devices and software you already own. Flywheel includes installable apps on iOS/Android, a web app that runs in Chrome, and an ERP Connector & Gateway that securely sends ERP data to the Flywheel cloud.
Data Technology
Flywheel’s data  technology turns your data into actionable insight for your sales team. Our crunching Engine includes:

  • Data formatting engine for your CRM and ERP data.
  • Daily data mining/crunching routine to find actionable insight.
  • Push notifications to Flywheel mobile and web apps.
  • Ability to enable/disable notifications on a customer-by-customer basis.
Installation & Onramping
For more information on our onramping process, see our Getting Started Guide.


End User Setup:

  1. Get the Flywheel app from the Play/App Store.
  2. Bookmark Flywheel in Chrome.

ERP Connector Setup:

  1. Enable read-only access to your ERP database (we will assist with selecting the best method).
  2. Provide guidance to the Flywheel team on locating select ERP data fields.
  3. Install the Flywheel ERP Gateway on your server.
System Requirements

Flywheel Users

Mobile App: Android 6.0 or newer, iOS 9 or newer – smartphones & tablets
Web App: Chrome 67 or newer

ERP Connector

Operating System: Windows 7/10 or Server 2008+ on the same network as your ERP system for Flywheel to install our ERP Gateway.
ERP Data: Read-only access to the required fields listed in our Knowledge Base
Connectivity: Temporary VPN or other remote access method for Flywheel to install the ERP Gateway.

* iOS only automatically logs outgoing calls and SMS messages initiated from the Flywheel app due to Apple restrictions.
* To enable automated email logging, you must purchase the Exchange Connector (additional $10/user/mo).