Communicating With Your Customers Just Got Easier and A Lot Less Expensive.

        Flywheel marketing lets you track customers' behavior online, score activity, & automate sales engagement.


Revenue Performance Management (RPM) via Flywheel

RPM – A systematic approach to identifying and measuring the drivers and impediments to revenue in order to optimize marketing and sales ROI. 


Surpass the traditional silos of marketing and sales and shift gears with Flywheel’s automation. Guide your customer base to the right products at the right time with targeted personal e-mails, lead scoring based on interactions, and sales process engagements for your team.

Make Communication Easier

 Spend less time cold calling and more time selling. 

Whether you’re looking to target new customers or upsell to your existing base, Flywheel has you covered. Statistics show that it take an average of 8 cold call attempts to reach a prospect and that 30-50% of sales go to the provider that replies first.

Gone are the days of only reaching out to only opt-in prospects and low visibility into your campaigns!

The difference between Flywheel and the other marketing platforms is how we leverage our vendor relationships to provide laser targeted cold data and the ability make relevant touches through.


Provide A Path To The Sale

Random E-mail Blasts and Newsletters are ineffective and antiquated.

With Flywheel you can create an automated series of personalized e-mails and text messages to warm up your outbound, inbound, dealer, and trade show leads.

Build campaigns that will speak to your various customer segments once and reuse them over and over to generate more business without hiring additional staff.

Take advantage of Flywheel’s years of experience in the manufacturing and agricultural space with our customizable templates that will increase your open rate and engagment!

Easy On-Boarding

Configuration and Integration

We provision apps for work to begin. This is done same/next day on signing. We connect to virtually every ERP/CRM (or can provide a Lite version of our CRM if you don’t have one). We import lists, add your content, configure automation, and authorize email/text sending.


Inspect and Review

We review your website and any content you provide. We also analyze customer/prospect lists for use in Flywheel. We evalute tailored automation and final content with your team, and tweak as needed to hit your goals quicker!

Training and Customer Support

We realize that new software adoption can be dreadful. We provide a dedicated support team with best-in-class training to shorten the learning curve with templates for trade show follow-up, website contact form, niche industry outreach, and social media retargeting. 

See Flywheel Marketing in Action

Want to see Flywheel Marketing in action? Schedule a demo with one of our experts to see a live view of how it all works.