Automate prospect, customer and dealer engagement with Flywheel.

Flywheel marketing provides the unique ability to track contact's behavior online, score activity, and automate sales engagement. 



Seamless website, trade show, and sales lead gen landing pages, business card photo capture, and email > marketing signatures. No more spreadsheets and manual data entry.


Targeted Digital Marketing

By using the data you already have, target marketing to prospects, customers and dealers using information from your website, ERP and CRM.

Flywheel provides granular cross & upsell automation campaigns that  increase revenue with little effort.


Drip Communication

Create an automated series of emails and text messages to warm up inbound, dealer, and trade show leads.

Build campaigns once, use them over and over to generate more business.

Seamless Sales Collaboration

Trade Show Marketing

Pre-built trade show marketing email/text campaigns to drive traffic to your booth and automate post-tradeshow follow up.

Hot Lead Notifications

Get your sales team involved with “Lead Score” notifications once a prospect “warms up” and has interacted with you online or has attended events. Also notify reps of cross/upsell interest from exiting customers.


Marketing Interactions

Give your sales an advantage before reaching out – CRM users can see a log of every marketing interaction with a customer/dealer. This includes emails/text messages viewed, webpages visited, and events attended.

See Flywheel Marketing in Action

Want to see Flywheel Marketing in action? Schedule a demo with one of our experts to see a live view of how it all works.