ERP Integration Overview

Installation, Resources

System Requirements

Flywheel requires that you provide a fully functional Microsoft Server running the following software:

Before starting this project, you should be familiar with the following information:

  • Access and knowledge of how to extract into CSV files or SQL Views various data elements from your ERP system:
    • Account information (Customers and/or Dealers/Distributors)
    • Contacts (individuals associated with Customers/Dealers/Distributors)
    • Orders
    • Order Line Items/Products
    • Product Catalog

Important Notes

  • Flywheel provides a one-way push of data from your ERP system to Flywheel Sales. No information is copied back to your ERP.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure you have access to these objects in your ERP. Exact fields required are listed in the DataSync Manufacturing ERP Data Dictionary. If you are unsure if your ERP has this information available, please review the Data Dictionary in detail before proceeding.

Flywheel provides the following:

  • CRM
  • The following SSIS Packages
    • ERP Data Load Package
    • CRM Data Load Package
    • Integration Database
  • Data Dictionary for your reference
  • User, Admin, & Customization Guides

You are responsible for:

  • Determining the best method for accessing ERP data and loading it into SQL Server/SSIS.
  • Installing, configuring, and maintaining a server to run Microsoft SQL Server 2014-2016.
  • Reading and reviewing the Data Dictionary and correctly mapping ERP fields.
  • Testing and running the SQL Server packages.
  • Creating users in CRM to match ERP data.
  • Reviewing data in CRM to ensure accuracy.
  • Publishing/go-live activities including User Acceptance Testing, modification of DataSync-provided documentation, and determining timing of publishing.
  • Enabling Outlook App integration per Microsoft documentation.
  • Setting up user Mobile devices.


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