About Flywheel


We built Flywheel for a simple reason: CRM tools available are a drag. They don’t actually help the salesperson serve customers better. Instead, they suck time and motivation to constantly keep up to date.

We decided there had to be a better way.

At the same time, data science (including machine learning and predictive analytics) were becoming really useful. We decided that CRM needed a new look with data at the core, and specifically making data actionable for salespeople.

Flywheel is our answer to ending CRM drudgery, and it’s tailored to the needs of manufacturers and dealers/distributors. We use the data you already have to help salespeople do more, and do it from anywhere on their phone.

We’re early on in this journey, but so far feedback from customers has been very encouraging. Salespeople who have resisted using CRM for years are embracing Flywheel because it helps them do their job better every day in meaningful ways.

We would love the opportunity to share our vision for tomorrow’s sales software with you!

-The Flywheel Team

We created Flywheel to help every salesperson serve customers better. We do this by ending CRM drudgery using new data science technology that has made the impossible possible.

Mike Vetter

Founder & CEO, Flywheel

Our Focus:

We help every salesperson serve customers better.

Our Niche:

Data science driven, mobile software for manufacturer and dealer salespeople.

Why did we choose the name "Flywheel"?