Fuel sales growth with rapid automation.

Flywheel is the leading complete sales & marketing platform built exclusively for manufacturers.

Automate Processes

Flywheel improves and automates your existing sales & marketing processes.

Rapid Improvement

Flywheel make rapid improvement possible with best-practices ready out of the box.

Connected, Responsive

Flywheel pulls all your customer data into one place, putting your team in the drivers seat.

RMS Roller-Grinder saved six figures/yr in 90 days.

Since adding Flywheel, each salesperson is spending an additional 30mins-1hr per day with customers instead of on administrative tasks.

Blake Sandnes

VP Sales, RMS Roller-Grinder



Flywheel helps every manufacturer salesperson serve customers better. We do it with our easy-to-use mobile app that saves you time and helps you focus on the right action.


Flywheel helps distributors collaborate more effectively with customers and dealers to close business together.