Be where your customers are.


Flywheel provides cutting-edge digital sales & marketing automation strategy & software to help manufacturers grow in the new economy.

Marketing Automation

Flywheel delivers highly personalized marketing messages digitally (email, text, social media) to prospects & existing customers automatically.

Rapid Improvement

We turn your website, sales leads, and customers into active sales prospects using scoring and notifications.


Flywheel connects digital marketing directly to individual salespeople for fast follow up, or deliver personalized follow up automatically.

RMS Roller-Grinder drove six figure yearly improvement in 90 days.

Since adding Flywheel, each salesperson is spending an additional 30mins-1hr per day with customers instead of on administrative tasks.

Blake Sandnes

VP Sales, RMS Roller-Grinder



Flywheel helps every manufacturer salesperson serve customers better. We do it with our easy-to-use mobile app that saves you time and helps you focus on the right action.


Flywheel helps distributors collaborate more effectively with customers and dealers to close business together.